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Emerging Leaders


Click HERE to apply for a Sping 2020 Emerging Leaders cohort by January 29th

What is Emerging Leaders?

The Emerging Leaders program is an experience designed for first- and second-year students interested in personal growth, leadership development, and building networks with other ASU leaders.
Emerging Leaders will offer two cohorts for Spring 2020: one that meets on Monday evenings from 5:00-6:30pm and one that meets on Wednesday afternoons from 5:00-6:30pm, both for seven weeks. The entire Emerging Leaders program is offered at no cost to students. You can find more details about each of the cohorts on the first page of the application. 

Topics explored in the program include:

Week 1: Intro to Leadership
What does leadership mean to me? How does my leadership role look different based on my group and what our context is?

Week 2: Values-Based Leadership
What do I care about? How can I practice integrity as a leader? How can I align my values with my actions?

Week 3: Interpersonal Leadership
How do I interact with others? What role does effective communication play in my life? How can I increase my emotional intelligence?

Week 4: Group Leadership
How do I work with other people? How do l navigate being both a follower and a leader at different times? How can my group grow together?

Week 5: Inclusive Leadership
Why is it important for me to be aware of my and others’ identities? What are my implicit biases, and how do they inhibit my effectiveness leading others?

Week 6: Ethical Leadership
What does positive change look like for me? What are my own ethical stances? How do I make tough decisions based on my values?

Week 7: Socially Responsible Leadership
How will I lead in service of creating thriving, equitable communities? What causes do I care about? How will I commit to action in positional and non-positional leadership roles?

What benefits does the program provide?
In addition to developing as a student leader and creating meaningful connections with peers, Emerging Leaders participants will receive a program T-shirt, attend a leadership networking event, receive an official certificate of completion, and have access to a resume development workshop intended to help put lessons from Emerging Leaders on paper.

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