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What is Emerging Leaders?

The Emerging Leaders Program is a fun and interactive ten-week experience designed for first and second-year students who are interested in personal growth, leadership development, and long-lasting relationships. The program allows you to create meaningful relationships as well as improve your leadership skills through discussions, activities, adventures, and a retreat.

One student said, "I advanced my personal growth by participating in this ten-week leadership development workshop." Another student remarked, "I established my own leadership philosophy through an exploration of my values, beliefs, culture, and identities"

Program Highlights

  • Welcome to Leadership! (week 1)Emerging Leaders Logo Website Button
    Meet your group, get to know each other, and learn about various leadership topics.
  • Learn Your Leadership Style (week 2)
    What are a few leadership styles? Complete your leadership assessment to figure out your personal leadership style!
  • What Do You Value? (week 3)
    Find out what you value and how those values motivate you as a leader.
  • Be a Balanced Leader (week 4)
    Learn the importance of maintaining a good life balance.  Believe it! Your life-work balance impacts your team, your organizational culture and those you lead.
  • Effective Conflict Management Makes You a Better Leader (week 5)
    Explore how you personally handle conflict and communication through activities and self-reflection.  Learn valuable strategies to increase these vital skills as you grow as a leader.
  • Leadership as a Teamwork Effort (week 6)
    Learn the value of creating and mantianing a cohesive team through several teamwork activities.
  • Learn How to Lead With Confidence! (week 7)
    Build confidence in yourself and your leadership capabilities by taking risks and exploring your limits.
  • Social Justice and Leadership (week 8)
    Learn the importance of being a leader who recognizes, respects and is inclusive of others who have different experiences, values, beliefs, and identities.
  • To Lead is to Serve (week 9)
    Giving back is essential to strong leadership.  Your team is ready to gain deeper insights about hands-on leadership through a fun and interactive service project that benefits the Boone community.
  • As a Leader at Appalachian, How Will You Leave Your Legacy? (week 10)
    After a fun semester of personal growth and a development of close relationships, it's time to act.  Reflect on your experiences and develop a plan to leave your legacy on Appalachian State's campus!


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